Tears of the Mother


«Scene: Falguard»

Madra: My Primarch.

Primarch: <Hero>. Thank you for freeing me.

Madra: If you weren't under Lionfang's control you would have crushed this worm.

Primarch: No, Madra. He is far stronger than he appears.
Primarch: I feel the Chaos taking hold. It's… changing me to stone!
Primarch: Listen well, hero.
Primarch: The Tears of The Mother are our most holy relic.
Primarch: They are from a time before time, before the birth of either of our races.
Primarch: They have the power to remove Chaos, once only.

Hero: Remove Chaos? So Lionfang could really use it to destroy Drakath?

Primarch: No, He is mistaken.
Primarch: Drakath has BECOME Chaos. You cannot remove the darkness from the night.
Primarch: But if the chaorruption has not taken root too deeply…
Primarch: …you might be able to cure King Alteon.
Primarch: It's too late for me. Madra… you are Primarch now.

«Primarch turns to stone»

Hero: Madra, I'm sorry…



Madra: My people, what's left of them, need me now.
Madra: You must go to the Death Pits. Find the Tears Of The Mother.
Madra: Use them however you like.

Hero: Use them? But they are your most holy relic.

Madra: Our people were not interested in the war against Chaos because we had the Tears Of The Mother to protect us.
Madra: Now, we do not. Chaos Lord Lionfang has drawn us into the war.
Madra: I do not care how you use them, I only care that HE does not get his way.
Madra: Do whatever it takes to make sure that he fails. Promise me.

Hero: I give you my word… Primarch.

«Screen fades»

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