Tears Boil Away


«Scene fades in showing Drakath landing on the Storm Temple, in front of Lionfang.»

Drakath: Greetings, Chaos Lord.
Drakath: I am very pleased with the chaos that you have spread throughout Thunderforge.

«Scene view zooms in on Drakath's face.»

Drakath: Why was I summoned here? Have you planned your final strike against evil?

«Lionfang stands up.»

Lionfang: No. I have changed my plans.

«The view shifts showing the Hero standing behind a column of the temple.»

Drakath: Oh? I do so love surprises.

Lionfang: I don't think you will like this one.

«Lionfang holds up the vial of tears.»

Drakath: What is that?

Lionfang: Your doom.

«Lionfang throws the vial of tears at Drakath, the scene view shifts to show the Hero.»


«Scene flashes white, showing the vial shatter against Drakath.»

Drakath: Ah! No!

«Scene view changes, showing Drakath kneeling down.»

Drakath: I'm melting! Oh, what a world….

«Drakath stands up and laughs, then Lionfang picks up the Hero by their neck.»

Lionfang: IMPOSSIBLE! Those were the real Tears of the Mother!
Lionfang: I saw it in your mind!
Lionfang: What have you DONE?!
Lionfang: I'm SICK of your tricks and lies! YOU DIE NOW!

«Scene ends, fading out to black.»

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