Team Wreckit Lives!


«Scene: Hero, Cysero, Lim, Aria and Ash at front Olde Inn»

Hero: …so basically we had to beat up the people running the tournament and then hightail it out of there with all the Pockey-Mogs before anyone caught us.
Lim: But you DID get them all out?
Ash: I think so? It got sort of chaotic at the end there.
Cysero: Alright, well, let's get them all loaded into their cages. I think Lim's almost ready for the next round of ecperiments.
Lim: Yes, hopefully this time they'll be cured.
Aria: …cages?
Cysero: Well, yeah. We gotta keep them SOMEwhere.
Aria: Poor little Pockey-Mogs. It's not their fault they're weird!
Aria: What if they just… stayed at my pet store for awhile?
Lim: I don't know.
Aria: Oh, come on! It's not like it's a secret anymore.
Hero: And besides, peaple LOVE them. If anything, this will actually IMPROVE your reputation.
Lim: …I guess so.
Lim: *sigh* OK, sure, why not.

«Scene: scene fades at Museum»

Annie: Did you hear all that?
Oakley: Yes, I did. They haven't seen the last of…

«Scene: Annie & Oakley hold Pokey-Mog Up and say "Team Wreckit!"»

«Scene fades»

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