Taste the Painbow



«Scene: Carly holds her head»

Carly: Ooooooh. Is this what the kids mean by "sugar crash"? Maybe my parents were right…

«Screen pans to right, showing Winka and his broken Chromafection machine»

Winka: I don't - I mean - why did you have to break my machine?! My candy has never been so popular!

Hero: Didn't you stop to wonder WHY all those kids kept coming in and staring at your machine?

Winka: Well, I --

Carly: And why everyone and everything outside this shop started to turn grey and lifeless?

Winka: But l - just - You don't think… !!!

Carly: Winka, the machine was hypnotizing the kids! And then THEY were leeching the color from everyone.
Carly: That's why the candy was the only thing in town besides US that looks even a little alive.

Hero: You know… I bet those souls made the candy taste terrible.

Winka: Bwuh?!

Hero: It's pretty clear (hah, color pun!) that the machine was using the kids to leech more than color. They were stealing SOULS. And your machine was mixing that riiiiight in to your recipe.
Hero: No wonder the adults became brainless - they more colorless they got, the more they craved your candy. It was the only way to fight the deficiency in their souls.

Carly: A few more days and the entire town would have become soul-craving sugar slaves.

Winka: But… WHY? They weren't serving me. What was the point of all this?

Hero: That's a VERY good question. Where did you say you got this machine?

«Scene fades»

«Scene: another shopkeeper getting a package»

Wacky Winka's Candy Shop is (mostly) sugar-free and safe now. But two towns over…

Crazy Carla: MARGE?! Where did this confounded… Chromafabricator doohicky come from? Did you order ANOTHER appliance?

Marge: Shut yer pie-hole, Carla! I didn't order nuthin'. What's it do?

Crazy Carla: Th' manual says it can make all sorts o' tasty treats. It'll keep'em comin' back for more. But where'd it COME from?

Marge: Don't look a gift horse in th' mouth. Our gold's getting mighty low in th' bank. We could use a fresh infusion of loyal customers.

«Carla smiles and her eyes flash orange»

«Scene fades»

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