In addition to our powerful warriors and magi, Balax'el's army also makes use of a variety of tamed beasts - the hounds, the imps, even the occasional giant worm. These beasts are an often-overlooked, but extremely important, part of our regiment. I, Tasom, am responsible for the crucial task of being their caretaker.

Our Hounds are natural denizens of the Infernal Plane, much like we are. Their jaws are strong enough to rip a man's arm off - this makes them an indispensible part of our ground forces. I mean, I don't want to have to be gnawing any arms off. Do you?

Where the Hounds excel on the ground, our Imps excel in the air, allowing us to fly over any walls or blockades that would otherwise keep us separated from our enemies.

Giant Worm
Oh, that was a lovely one, wasn't it? We don't see many of those beauties. I was sorry to lose the one we deployed in Swordhaven, but luckily we still have a breeding pair, and a few grubs.

- Tasom's Quests
- Dreadfire Pet

Location: Dreadfire Keep


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