Thief of Hours Class Trainer
The hour of adventure is at hand…and in battle! The Thief of Hours is a special sect of monk trained under the Way of The Clock. These Thieves manipulate time magic to steal hours from their foes, and can also your Reputation with the ChronoSpan, you are worthy of becoming a Thief of Hours.

How to get?
There are 2 ways to obtain the Thief of Hours class. You can purchase it for AdventureCoins, or it can be purchased for gold - but only if you have Rank 10 Chronospan.

- Thief of Hours (Shop)
- To TheSpan

How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Thief, Lucky
Thief of Hours is similar to Oracle, but trades support for more damage and dodge. TimeStream increases crit chance and damage, but you’ll take more damage from enemy crits. Mitigate this with effects from Temporal Insanity and the spammable dodge buff, Steal Seconds.

Location: Class Hall A


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