Rustbucket Trainer
The Dwakel are really advancing in their use of technology! This particular group is barely using magic at all anymore, relying mostly on science! Where they are learning it, I have no idea! Their experimental ship crashed, and the Dwakels are harvesting the forest and pumping the water to power up the ship again and free it from a trench. They don't care about the forest or who gets in their way. Bad Dwakel, bad! This armor, I took it from one of the Dwakels, pretty nifty, huh…

It may not be very glamorous being a Rustbucket, but you sure get the job done! To make the most of your Rustbucket skills you're going to need to be well rounded. My Enhancements improve your Strength, Intellect, Endurance and Dexterity stats!

- Reserved Enh Shop - Hybrid

- Taravya's Quests

Location: Dwakel Crash Site
Note: Previously called "Tarvarya".


Thanks to Nightly.

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