Champion of Mana
Hey, we need to get set up at the Temple first! Head over to /TerminaTemple and look for me there.

- Go Now

After completing the 'Loaded Resume' quest:

Champion of Mana
We've all got jobs to do. Maya took her research and went to the Inn. Captain Rhubarb's going to be here on his ship in case of emergency. And when I know I'm not about to get sea sick all over your shoes, we'll take a tour of Ashray to find the other Champions. The village doesn't look very big. It shouldn't take long, and then we'll start digging into what the Voice in the Sea could be.

- Tara's Quests

After completing the 'Washed Ink' quest:

Champion of Mana
Dr. Mostyma, who is a perfectly real doctor with real credentials *rolls eyes*, has the biggest lead we have on the trapped elves, the Champions, and what Vic's up to. He's made of red flags, but if you're sure you can handle working with this guy, I'll back you up. Do you happen to know him from somewhere? What's up with him forgetting to blink and breathe? I guess he forgot the nuances of being alive.

After completing the 'Faces in the Foam' quest:

Champion of Mana
You saw me shoot lightning, right? How cool was I? Sure I'm sweating, but it isn't because I'm tired. That Seafoam Elemental could attack the psyche. Dr. Song gave me a sweet to help me calm down. She's from that Astravia place you talked about, right? Argh, I wasn't experienced enough to go help you there. I should have paid more attention to the tutors. I'll work harder. I need to work harder.

Good thing you smacked that foamy monster before it got you with its psyche attack. Ugh, but they hit me. It felt like someone was reaching into my brain and tugging out chunks. Then, the actual illusion was so real that I forgot how impossible it was. Luckily, I'm used to this sort of thing from the Mask of Infamy's bullying. We'll have to be on guard if there's more of that in this Base.

Victoria didn't say a word about Sea Base Undine. I know it looks bad. She had this huge research facility in the ocean when she knew we were hunting for the Voice in the Sea. What if she was worried that such an important place would be discovered by Evil? The nobles could have been mad about Vic using gold to fund the base instead of feeding them fancy dinners. There are lots of reasons!

As soon as we boarded the cute ducky, I shot a message over to Warlic with the communication spell he taught me. We can have a better talk once we find a private room. I hope that going this deep underwater won't make it harder to reach him and Lady Celestia. If we tell them about what the Base is all about, they'll have leads to investigate while they're in Swordhaven.



Thanks to Menace.

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