Talmin the Bandit King


«Scene: Kyron and the Hero next to the remains of a cart»

Kyron: This is hard.

Hero: Not really. I've taken out dozens of bandits, and these guys don't strike me a too much tougher.

Kyron: You don't get it, do you. These people were my family, my life!
Kyron: Now to hunt them down like animals…it's like a nightmare.

Hero: Well, it's a nightmare that we can end.

«Scene pans up and fades to white»

«Scene: Dragons destroying a camp with fire»

The correspondences I found say that ever since they were pushed out of their old territory by an increase in dragon attacks…

«Scene fades»

«Scene: A crow flies down to land on a skeleton buried in the dirt near the broken cart»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: The Hero and Kyron»

Hero: Their leader, Talmin, had moved them here. You know him?

Kyron: I do. This business of dragons is troubling, but we must focus on the task at hand.
Kyron: Talmin worked at my side as a second-in-command when I was the chief of this place.
Kyron: But he was always too quick to draw his blade.
Kyron: Before I left, I was trying to turn him into a more peaceful man. I can see now the depths of my failure.

Hero: You don't like war, do you?

Kyron: Of course not! What kind of monster would like this disgusting affair?

Hero: Then why, though all of your life, have you chosen to lead men and women into combat?

Kyron: Because someone must. That's why I'm here now. Someone must end this.

Kyron: Let us press forward.

«Scene fades»

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