Talking To Hans


Note: Walk up to Hans on Screen 2 of Yulgar's Inn to start cutscene.

«Scene: Hans mopping infront of blackboard in Yulgar's Inn»
«Hans stops mopping»

Hans: Hero! I can't believe it's really you! I wanted to talk to you -

Hero: I'm always happy to chat with a friend of Yulgar's!

Hans: I - I want to be a Hero. Like you! Strong, brave -

«Screen shakes»
«Screen moves to stairs»
«Twig falls down stairs»

Twig: Hihi.

«Twig turns into a fish»
«Screen moves to Hero and Hans»

Hero: … And not cleaning up leftover fish?

Hans: Exactly! You go on adventures, saving people and kingdoms. I want to do that, too!

«Serenity moves in»

Serenity: No sword-practice until chores are done. This Inn won't clean itself, you know!

«Serenity moves out»

Hans: *sign*

«Hans starts mopping again»

Hero: Look on the bright side. There are millions of monsters out there.
Hero: When you're older and stronger, you'll be battling to save the world, too!

«Hans holds up mop»

Hans: And doing THIS is going to help me?

Hero: Oh definitely. It's a great way to build up Stamina! In a few years…
Hero: You'll be able to mop the floor with any enemy out there.

«Screen fades»

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