Talis Mikaels

Seaview Innkeeper
It's you! The Brave Outsider! Ah well, I suppose I'm the outsider now. Do you remember me? I was the innkeeper from Astravia. We were forced to leave home, but thanks to your aid, Astravia lives on through its survivors. Are you in need of a place to stay? I'll prepare the Inn's best room and…ah, my apologies. May we keep your stay a secret? The village of Ashray is under strict instruction to not let the uninvited in.

The survivors from Astravia, including myself, moved to Greenguard in search of a new home. One of our doctors liaised with Queen Victoria, and she has graciously offered us shelter and supplies to help us get back on our feet. In return, that doctor and her family would live in Ashray to…well, you may know this doctor. She should be the one to tell you what happened after you left Astravia.

Long ago, I cowered and abandoned those in need when trouble came knocking on my door. That is not a mistake I will make again. The other Astravians are not aware that I have taken Mi and their family into my care. Though they're more than capable of taking care of themselves, I want them to have a warm and safe home to return to. Yes, they have done harm, but through inaction, so have I.

The Capital of Astravia was a landlocked city, so living by the sea is completely novel. Like other Astravians, it was difficult for me to adapt and find work, but the previous owner of the Seaview Inn gave me the deed for free! Miss Aina taught me how to manage her staff, and made sure we were comfortable before she left to visit the other inns she owns. I am eternally grateful for her kindness.




Thanks to Anonymous Joe.

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