Tale of Deserrat Moya

Song of the Gods-War
From a time before time, from a place beyond stars, The Desserat Moya came from afar. When you slaughter the innocent, exile their gods, Home can be home wherever you are.

It rose up to claim the fields we had tilled. In horror we watched, with fear we were filled. It fed without pity, it's appetite went unsated. It lay waste to our cities, our families killed

Neither godborn nor mortal, made of ichor-laced aether, It attacked our Protectors, who banded together. With immortal Magics and unearthly Powers, They fought fierce to seal it, confined it to the Nether.

Though banished and beaten, we fear its return. We will silence Its story so that no one may learn of the power it owns, of the strength it still holds. Fires, though banked, are still able to burn.

Location: Banished
Note: Desterrat means "Banished" in Catalan.


Thanks to the magic caster and Worldmage.

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