Take What You Can



Zereldo: You've done a great job at gathering everything we need to build our elemental mana cannon. But we still need to find a ship.

Hero: You're telling me in all that time I spent world traveling and resource gathering you weren't able to find a ship.

Zereldo: There aren't many ships left there days you know. Most have been destroyed and new ones aren't exactly cheap. People don't want to share them.
Zereldo: Don't worry though. We may not have one… yet… but we will soon.

Hero: What are you suggesting?

Zereldo: As luck would have it one of the ships in Blazebeard's fleet is anchored not far from us. How do you feel about stealing a pirate ship?

Hero: It seems a bit reckless and dangerous. Besides…
Hero: Stealing is wrong.

Zereldo: Unless it's from pirates.
Zereldo: Don't forget, this could be our only chance to stop Blazebeard before he lays siege to the cities of Lore.
Zereldo: I don't know if we can find another ship in time to stop him and I certainly don't want to risk it.

Hero: Fine. But only since we have no other choice.

Zereldo: Perfect. My crew and I will be ready and waiting. Once we take control of their ship we'll put the final touches on the cannon while we sail.
Zereldo: The best part is, since we are using one of Blazebeard's ships, by the time they realize we've taken it over, they'll be at the bottom of the sea.

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