High Draconic Oracle
Ah… it is you. I wondered when our paths would cross. I know what you are, but I sense you are still unaware of your true nature. It would be unwise for you to learn it from me. But I can guide you on the path to understanding.

True Nature?
Yes. You are not an ordinary human. Perhaps you have sensed that. You are different, more. To understand who - and WHAT - you really are, climb to the top of Mount DoomSkull. Answers await you there.

- Go There

- Tai'Shar's Quests

After completing the 'The Final Showdown!' quest:

High Draconic Oracle
Ah, it is you. I wondered when our paths would cross. I know what you are, Dragon of Time. My blood, my kin. But do you know what you will become? Ah, I see you do not. Your powers remain locked away. For now. But perhaps I can help… guide your path.

Guide Me?
Yes. I come here to breathe freely, to gain inspiration from the world around me. Caverns like this, they are natural temples for the Dragon Oracles. I will share my glimpses of your future, but need your help to recover my mirror and craft the divination spell.

- Tai'Shar's Quests

Location: Battle Under E
Note: Also see Draconic Oracle.


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