Legion DoomKnight Trainer
The unblinking knight with eyes as cold as the darkest winter night and breath visible even with no chill locks his gaze on you. His eyes narrow, his glowing pupils moving left to right as if scanning you. He hands you a piece of torn, worn parchment. You begin to read it and hope your distracted gaze isn't what causes your death today.

What is a Legion DoomKnight?
Not all Legion Knights are sworn under Gravelyn. After the death of her father, some DoomKnights see her as an unfit ruler to the shadowscythe, swearing loyalty to Dage. Their souls already twisted by undeath, Dage's bind on them makes their souls hollow to the point where there is nothing to be saved about the unfortunate demise of these broken husks.

How to get?
To become a Legion DoomKnight, you must wait until the birthday month of Dage the Evil (Around March) and buy it for Legion Tokens at /Underworld.

How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Fighter, Lucky
Formerly powerful solders in Empress Gravelyn's army, those that swear fealty to Dage the Evil gain new, shadowy abilities, such as being able to steal the lifeforce of their opponent. That, coupled with multiple powerful attacks, and abilities that decrease a target's defense and inhibit healing makes for an aggressive yet durable fighter.

Location: Class Hall C
Note: Also see List of all Legion DoomKnights.


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