Swordhaven Under Attack (Breakstone)


Princess Tara: You big meanie!
Princess Tara: I need this dragon to save my daddy, King Alteon, from the evil Knight!
Princess Tara: Sepulchure is a BAD KNIGHT who wants to kill EVERYONE and make the whole world into undead.
Princess Tara: He sent his skeleton army to attack Swordhaven and he is there RIGHT NOW!

«Scene: Scene fades and shows Swordhaven being attacked by Sepulchure's army»

Princess Tara: You see why I had to steal the dragon? To save my daddy!

Hero: I understand why you needed this dragon, Princess, but I do not think being kidnapped has been very good for it!

Princess Tara: I don't care! I need help! Will YOU help me?

Hero: Princess, we have GOT to go! If I survive this, your father OWES me!
Hero: I am glad I found that Royal Parachute in the last quest!!!

«Scene: Hero grabs the Princess and jumps off of the Red Dragon»

«Scene: The Red Dagon collides with a mountain»

«Scene fades»

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