Swordhaven's Savior


«Scene: Yellow text on black screen.»

Many years ago, Alteon fought to bring peace to the realm around Swordhaven.
Many undead had to re-die before peace was won.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Swordhaven under attack by the undead while being protected by Alteon.»

«A undead soldier charges at Alteon and he slices him in half. Screen pans from left to right on fire that blazes throughout Swordhaven. A arrow is shot at Alteon and lands in between his feet. Screen moves up to show Alteon's waist up.»


«Alteon bends over and stares straight ahead.»

Alteon: Valoooooooooooooooth!

«Alteon ferociously battles his way through undead soldiers. Eventually, Alteon stops and kneels down with piles of undead all around him.»

«Screen fades to show black screen with yellow text on it.»

Once the battle for Swordhaven was over, Alteon's reign was filled with a happy land and the frenzy of raising a family.
His Queen, Lynaria, remembers…

«Scene fades»

«Black screen»

Lynaria: Ah, love, the war is finally over.

«Screen fades from black to Lynaria in the shadows watching Alteon rest on the battle field.»

Lynaria: Forget the battles and the old wounds. Rest.
Lynaria: Now is the time for peace, and to teach our daughter how much depends on maintaining it.

«Screen fades to a black screen»

But peace does not last forever… nor do Queens. 8 years later, Alteon and his family are left to mourn.

«Scene fades.»

«Scene: Alteon and Brittany talking on castle grounds.»

Alteon: You will be a GREAT Queen someday, my girl.
Alteon: Your mother would be proud of you, and so will I.

Brittany: B-but she's GOOOOOOOONE!

«Screen fades out then back in with Alteon hugging Brittany.»

Alteon: Yes, she is, and I am so, so sorry.

«Alteon shuts his eyes.»

Alteon: But her legacy lives on in her daughters. She lives on in you.

Brittany: I don' know HOW to be a Queen! *sniffle*

Alteon: I will teach you everything. You will grow to be wise and strong.
Alteon: And I… I will not let ANYTHING harm the land and family she loved so much.

«Scene fades»

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