Swordhaven In Flames / Dragon Falls


«Hero in battle with the Chaos Dragon, defeats it and falls to the throneroom, where King Alteon is»

Hero: You aren't attacking me.

Chaos Lord Alteon: You are not attacking ME.

Hero: Are you going to make me? I really, really do not want to. It is not too late to find a cure…
Hero: The Sisterhood is close to finding one, I hear.

Chaos Lord Alteon: No.

Hero: Maybe we can find another vial of the Tears of the Mother.

Chaos Lord Alteon: That cannot be. Will not be.
Chaos Lord Alteon: <Hero>… My friend. Chaos is not inherently bad.
Chaos Lord Alteon: It can't be; by its nature it is neither good OR evil.
Chaos Lord Alteon: But shaped by Drakath, it is being used for a VERY dark purpose.

Hero: His Portal… When all 13 Beasts are summoned, what will come out of it?

Chaos Lord Alteon: I hope we never know. I know I never will.
Chaos Lord Alteon: I am the 12th Lord of Chaos. Drakath's Chaos is very, VERY powerful now.
Chaos Lord Alteon: I - I have less than an hour left of… ME.
Chaos Lord Alteon: I WILL NOT see more of my people hurt.
Chaos Lord Alteon: Do you understand what I am asking?

«Hero kneels»

Hero: Alteon, I - !

Chaos Lord Alteon: YOU will make sure of it! You will do this for me! For ALL of us!
Chaos Lord Alteon: I - I have to see - one more time -

«Chaos Lord Alteon runs out»

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