Swordhaven Doctor

Former Astravian
No. Absolutely not. Leave! I don't care if you think I look familiar to you. Keep being pushy like that and you'll regret it. Ashray is a village protected by the Swordhaven Crown! You don't have any business being here, pack your bags! In fact, this dock is invitation only. If you have a problem with that, then you're about to have a problem with the local militia.

After completing the 'Psychic Pollution' quest:

Former Astravian
You're kidding me. According to Dr. Mostyma's papers, not only are you his assistant, but you're also siblings. Well yes, we do encourage the Queen's guests to bring family members for emotional support, but it is safer for them to be on land. Wait, why am I even humoring you? I know exactly who…Actually, welcome aboard. We'll have a lot to talk about once we're in the seclusion of Sea Base Undine.

Location: Ashray


Thanks to Amduscia.

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