Swindle Bilk

Supplier of Miltonius Nulgath (Sneevil Merchant)
What a kind soul Miltonius Nulgath is to allow me to work for him and do business here. Have you met him yet? Anyway, lets talk trade shall we? Boxes? How very stereotypical of you. Strange, unique items and resources are my interest and I'm willing to trade valuable treasure for it. This wheel of chance here is my own invention. It'll allow you to randomly choose one of my fine wares. I just love a good game of chance.

Miltonius Nulgath Nulgath's rewards have sparked your interest, I see. Well, if you're curious, I have some inside information on the items you might obtain from Miltonius Nulgath - whether it be through quests or contracts. Of course, one mans treasure is another mans trash. That can't be helped…

- Swindle Bilk's Quests
- Nulgath Item Preview Shop raresmall.png
- Swindle's Shop
- Swindle's Ripoff Emporium

Location: Tercessuinotlim
Note: Inscription on the wheel translates to "MILTONIUS".


Thanks to ANGELO13542 and SirBlackAxe.

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