Swan Songs


«Scene: Hero defeats the Sun»
«Scene: Darkon lifts up Drago by his neck»

Drago: <Hero>? What have you done?

Darkon: She just dashed the plans of a malicious tyrant.
Darkon: And now, that tyrant will call down the next Beast.
Darkon: Judgement.

Hero: Wait…

«Hero points their weapon at Darkon»

Hero: You're in control of the creatures invading the city.
Hero: Are you leading an invasion just to make him summon more beasts?

Drago: Ah! That's it!
Drago: You wanted me to summon Judgement this entire time. It isn't just about Judgement either.
Drago: The final beast and its powers are beyond your reach.
Drago: You should have just stopped at wanting to kill me.
Drago: There aren't enough of my subjects left in Astravia to call Judgement, let alone The World.
Drago: I lived a long and rich life, Darkon. Now, I'll die a happy man watching your very last failure.

Darkon: On the contrary—-

«Darkon slams Drago to the ground and snaps his fingers - Creatures around Astravia explode and a huge portal appears in the sky»

Darkon: Can you hear it? Their Swan Songs?
Darkon: The creatures swarming the streets will make fine sacrifices.
Darkon: They were once citizens of Astravia, in a manner of speaking.
Darkon: Specifically, they seed themselves inside mortals with weakened minds.
Darkon: There, they grow and feed on fear and paranoia--

«Close up on Darkon»

Darkon: -- Until they're big enough to use their chosen human as a shell.
Darkon: The creatures are from a plane where the concept of time is far different from ours.
Darkon: It moves erratically, making it as unpredictable as the transformations.
Darkon: Then came our friend here, The Dragon of Time, gracing me with their company and Divinity

Drago: HER?

Hero: Me?

Darkon: Just their presence forced time back on track, speeding the transformation of the creatures.
Darkon: And gave me enough pawns to scare my dear little brother into summoning beasts.

«Darkon smiles at the sky as something huge comes out of the portal»

Darkon: Primordial Judgement will descend on you and the Astravians. You will all pay for what you have done.

«Scene fades»

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