Swaggy (NPC)


Treasure-Loving Moglin
Guess who's back! (Back again.) Swaggy's back, tell a friend! That's right, heroes - to help celebrate the AQWorlds 10th anniversary, me and my Wheel of DOOM are back. You know the game - spin the Wheel, get a prize - I've got the treasure you love and new items to share. Check'em out now, because they won't be here forever.

Head to Swaggy's Wheel of Doom. Buy Fortune Tickets to spin his wheel. You're guaranteed to get 10,000 gold, an EXP Boost, and a Treasure Potion every time you spin. You'll also have a chance to get a bonus equippable item. You can use the Treasure Potions in his Merge Shop to unlock even more items.

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Thanks to Eldant, Zero IX and .Shadow//

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