Wheel of Doom vendor, Moglin of Delight
You look like a Hero who likes to play games… and I've got just the game for you! Spin my Wheel of Doom to get great rewards… and a chance for bonus prizes!

/Join Doom map or look in your Game Menu to spin the Wheel of Doom! Once you have Doom tickets just click to spin! You'll get a 1 hour XP Boost, a Doom Strength Potion, and 10000 gold everytime… plus a chance for a VERY special bonus prize!

Wheel of Destiny?
I know a guy who knows a gal… and her name's Shiny. She's set up a wheel just like mine. Calls it the Wheel of Destiny. It's got all the exact same gear, and it takes the same ticket, she's just painted her wheel all bright and sunny. Give ME skulls and doom, but to each his own, I say! She's bringing her Wheel to town on Friday, so get ready to get happy.

- Fortune Tickets
- Wheel of Doom



Note: Clicking the Wheel of Doom will teleport you to Doom.


Thanks to Eldant, Zero IX and .Shadow//

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