Sushi Night!


«Scene: Glutus' cave»

«Glutus attacks Galanoth and the Hero with his fire, which Galanoth blocks using his shield»

Hero: Dang! I can't believe how long this dragon is holding out!
Hero: He's just too BIG to actually damage!

Galanoth: Don't give up! We'll wear him down eventually!

«The fire dissapates and Galanoth lowers his shield»

Galanoth: Do you hear me, Dragon? You can't hold out forever!
Galanoth: Your fire can't get past my shield, and in the end we will prevail!

Glutus: You know what? You're right. I don't think I'll be cooking any time soon.
Glutus: Maybe tonight's a sushi night.

Hero: Wait, what?

«Glutus opens his mouth»

«Scene: Hero and Galanoth»


«Glutus bites down on them. He burps, and then closes his eyes to rest»

«Scene: Inside of Glutus' mouth»

«Hero tries to pry Glutus' mouth open»

Hero: Are you kidding me?! He ATE us?!

Galanoth: It's no use. You won't be able to get out that way.
Galanoth: Can you imagine a beetle being able to force your jaw open?

«Hero stops trying to pry Glutus' mouth open»

Hero: Alright, so maybe he tickle the back out his throat. Make him vomit us up.

Galanoth: No good. Dragon's don't have a gag reflex.

Hero: Wow, seriously?

Galanoth: It's not a trait you want to have in creatures that tend to freeze or burn things when they sneeze.

Hero: Yeah, I guess that's true.

Galanoth: But it's not over for us yet! There's still a way out!

Hero: I'm almost afraid to ask what it is.

Galanoth: If we can't go out the front…

Hero: Please don't say it.

Galanoth: We'll just have to go out the back.

Hero: Of course we will.

«Scene fades»

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