Super Death's Imagination


«Scene: Super Death in Super Death's Imagination»

Bravo. Bravo! You fought very well.
It brings a nonexistent tear to my eye to witness such great power.

«A closer look of a random hero and Super Death in the Shadow Realm»

I am sure you are dying to hear my choice by now.

«Super Death holding his right hand out holding a blue flaming orb»

Do I side with the Heroes for their bravery, valor, and speed?

«Super Death switches his hand out with left and pulls out a red flaming orb»

Or is the strength and passion of the villains that has overpowered my decision?

«Scene: A close up on the Random Hero»
«Close up on Super Death again»

I have made up my mind. My choice is…

«Close up on Super Death's evil face»


«Close up on the Hero looking at the Super Death»
«A green portal closes»
«Dark red shadow appears around Super Death»

Just look at all I have done WITHOUT making such a foolish commitment!
I have turned time, warped reality…

«Scene fades»
«Scene: White spikes appear from a dark shell»

Do you understand what this means, mortal?

«Super Death reaches his hand out»

I harness the supreme power, capable of altering the very fabric of existence…

«A close up of Super Death's Supreme Form»

and I am going to show you its wonders first hand!

«Super Death powers up and points his scythe towards the HeroSmash Hero»
«The Hero jumps backwards»

I challenge YOU to a duel to the end.

«Close up on Super Death»

Battle me and try to survive long enough to witness my supreme might!

«Scene fades»

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