Super Death Defeated?


«Scene: Hero and Arctikiller attacking Super Death»

Super Death: No! This is impossible!

«Super Death in a thinking position»

Super Death: How did I lose?!

Hero: When you threaten someone’s world like that, you tend to lose…

Super Death: No, you don’t get it! I shouldn’t be able to lose! I…

Hero: Whoa, I know you are powerful and all, but you aren’t undefeatable…

Super Death: No no no. I get that! But this is all in my head!
Super Death: How did I lose in my own imagination?!

Hero: What?!
Arctikiller: What?!

«Close up on Super Death»

Super Death: All I wanted to do is sit here and play with my action figures.
Super Death: Have a nice storyline about invading other worlds.
Super Death: But then the figures started fighting back!

Hero: Uhh, Super Death?

Super Death: Maybe they didn’t like that storyline…

Hero: Super Death?

Super Death: I guess the Heroes would be opposed to taking over other worlds…

Hero: Super Death!

Super Death: What?!

«Zooms back out to Hero and Arctikiller again»

Hero: Those weren’t action figures!

Super Death: What?

Arctikiller: Those people you were controlling… Those were the real people!

Super Death: Oh no…
Super Death: And that planet I was invading…

«Close up on the Hero and Arctikiller»

Hero: Yeah, that’s real too. And mine, by the way!

Super Death: So you’re telling me, everything I was just doing… actually happened…

Hero: YES!!!
Arctikiller: YES!!!

«Super Death moves back in shock»

Super Death: Oh crap!

«Close up on worried Super Death»

Super Death: I… I didn’t mean to… Haha.
Super Death: That’s kinda funny! Haha!

«Super Death starts laughing»

Super Death: Even the part where General Smash kissed that Slime monster?

«Close up on the Hero and Arctikiller again»

Arctikiller: Wait, what? Did we miss that part?

Hero: We must have! But gross!

Arctikiller: Super Death, you have to fix this!

Super Death: Right, right…
Super Death: Give me a second…

«Super Death shots out an explosion causing the portal on Screen 2 of Super Death Trials to turn red and pull all the Shadow Monsters inside it and then returning to normal»

Super Death: There we go!
Super Death: All the monsters are back to Earth where they belong.
Super Death: All the Heroes and Villains should have their free will restored.
Super Death: And General Smash won’t remember he kissed that Slime monster!

General Smash: Why do I taste jelly?!

Super Death: Uhh… Like I said, he won’t remember!

Hero: So that’s it?! Everything is just back to normal?!

Arctikiller: Uhh, seems like it! I guess our work is done!

Hero: But what about Super Death?

Super Death: If it makes you feel any better, I didn’t mean for any of this to happen.
Super Death: I guess I let my imagination get carried away…

«Close up on Hero and Arctikiller»
«Hero scratching their neck»

Hero: It’s… uh… It’s okay, Super Death. As long as you leave Lore alone from now on!

«Close up on Super Death smiling»

Super Death: I promise!

Hero: Even in your imagination?

«Super Death lifts his head higher»

Super Death: Umm… Okay, yeah, sure! I promise!

Hero: Awesome!

«Close up of Arctikiller and the Hero»

Arctikiller: Thank you, Hero. I’m sorry this turned out to be one big misunderstanding!

Hero: It’s alright! It happens more often than you’d think!

Arctikiller: With that Dragon Gate of yours tuned to my world, perhaps you could come for a visit another time!
Arctikiller: A time where we aren’t trying to save the world from Shadow monsters!

Super Death: And maybe you could come play action figures with me!

Hero: Umm… Sure! Why not!

Super Death: Maybe we can take over Bladehaven next!

Hero: Hahahaha!
Arctikiller: Hahahaha!
Super Death: Hahahaha!

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Close up on Hero»

Hero: …you’re joking right?

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