Suoilea's Quests


Quest Location: EbilCorp Takeover
Quests Begun From: Suoilea
Note: These quests can only be completed once.

We need to figure out what's going on and I think I know just where to start. Those Goons near the cafeteria are looking a little green…you better get some samples from them so we can narrow it down.

Items Required:


  • 10,000 Gold
  • 20,000 Exp

Requirements: Must have completed the 'Mystery Solved' quest.

You had better get all this cleaned up quickly, the last thing we want is the smell of this mush seeping into the floors and walls!

Items Required:

  • Mush Removed x10 (Stacks up to 50)


  • 2,500 Gold
  • 5,000 Exp


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