Sunrise (2)


«Scene: Darkon punches Hero against a wall»

Darkon: <Hero>, didn't we used to get along just fine?
Darkon: I know La has been talking to you. Either she has exaggerated or you're misunderstanding my intentions.
Darkon: Come now, let me help you up and out of this musty place.

Hero: To go where? In your nightmare dimension to do more of your dirty work?

Darkon: You can't stop me, <Hero>. Not when you haven't regained all of your power. Even if you could, Drago will summon the Sun no matter what you do.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Drago appears with his bodyguards»

Drago: I loathe to waste the Sun on you. That's like using a Queen's dress to mop up a spill.

«Darkon turns his head to look at Drago»

Darkon: Right on cue, Drago!

«Drago and Darkon facing each other»

Drago: The decades apart have not changed you at all, brother.

Hero: As in your younger brother?

«Darkon looks at Hero»

Darkon: I'm the elder brother, actually. Time didn't move correctly in my realm. Not until you arrived.

Hero: I mean, I kind of had a feeling you were related. It's the red hair that mysteriously no one else has.
Hero: I wasn't sure if it was a father-son or uncle-nephew deal.

Darkon: But I didn't come back for the throne.
Darkon: I returned to right what was wronged.

Drago: Whatever you're here for, you won't have it! I fought tooth and nail to be King.

«Drago's bodyguards start glowing»

Guard A: M-my king?

Guard B: No! You promised our safety!

Drago: This time, Darkon. I'll bury you for good!

«Bodyguards explode and The Sun appears»

Darkon: What do you plan to do, <Hero>? Help Drago and the Sun defeat me?
Darkon: Or will you help destroy this mass of sacrifices?

Hero: My head is killing me.

«Hero stands up»

Hero: But that monster is going to destroy what's left of the Kingdom if I let it run loose. I'm taking it down.
Hero: Don't rest easy, Darkon. I'll get to you next.

«Scene fades»

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