Sun Guardian (NPC)

Mage Hero
So pleased to finally meet you. I can sense that you're not going to go down easily. But that's all for the good. I want a challenge!

His childhood was spent bathing in sunbeams and chasing the sunset. When he came of age to hold a blade, he desired it more then anything. Summoned to the council of Elders, they asked a few simple things of him - if he was to be a hero, what would I call myself? What would define me?

At first the would-be hero's mind was blank and he could not decide. Other little heroes had chosen sports or other hobbies to represent them. Too many Soccerboys and Hockeylads roamed the lands in search for fame and renown.
"I will guard what I cherish the most." The young boy said. From then on he became Sun Guardian, his birth name never uttered again.

In time, joined a group led by a wise adventurer named Exodius. His friends, the champion of light, became pitted against another group, terrifying Fallen Celestials. They were fierce, and - I hate to say it - often victorious. His companions were scattered to the four winds, and most left this universe altogether.

I did as well, achieving many victories and garnering many accolades, but always remaining true to what I had sworn to protect. Occasionally, I return to this universe to reminisce about a nearly forgotten past, and to keep hope alive. Because Eeven Champions of Light can succumb to the depths of despair unless they battle constantly against the darkness.

Location: Hero Lobby


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