Suffer for Sympathy


«Scene: Mi playing their Guitar on Screen 6 of Astravia Judgement, and Hero runs up to them»

Hero: STOP!

«Mi stops playing»

Mi: Huh?
Mi: Oh, could that be <Hero>?
Mi: That goodness, I thought one of the humans had snuck up on me.
Mi: My name is Mi.
Mi: We've never met in person before but Re and Fa said they would have liked to show you around town with me too.
Mi: Hope those humans haven't hurt you.
Mi: It'd be better to get out of here and hide until it's all over.

Hero: That's not happening. I'm here to stop you, and get the civilians to safety.

Mi: B-but why?
Mi: I thought Darkon was going to tell you that we're punishing the wrong-doers!
Mi: It might even bring La back to our side.

Hero: Drago was one of the worst garbage fires I've ever met.
Hero: But Darkon? He's a special kind of unhinged.
Hero: I won't stand by and let him do as he pleases.

Mi: So you're going to protect the Astravians.
Mi: <Hero>, you're not even one of them! I know what they do to people that aren't like them.
Mi: The sneaky ones trick you into thinking that they care about you.
Mi: Then the nets fall out of the trees, and they'll impale your wings with nails.

«Wings come out of Mi's back»

Mi: I've heard about how beautiful your scales were. They'll put you on display!
Mi: Or, they might be working you like a servant!
Mi: Those humans tricked you into doing their chores for pennies.
Mi: And when you need help, where do they go?
Mi: Has anyone ever really put themselves in danger for your sake?

Hero: I promise you, no one's hurting me.
Hero: And no one needs to endanger themselves for me.
Hero: Is that what happened to you?

Mi: You should be on our side. Darkon's going to wipe away all sins, and create a perfect Lore.

Hero: Well, it is true that Lore isn't perfect.
Hero: There can't be a single human on Lore that has never done anything wrong.
Hero: You're right to feel angry at what was done to you.
Hero: But humans, or any group of thinking people, don't share a mind.
Hero: You can't judge all of them with the same hammer.
Hero: These people are running from you.
Hero: How come it's the Astravians begging me to save them from a predator and not the other way around?

Mi: I'm not a monster!

Hero: Huh, I didn't say that it was you specifically.

Mi: Oh! Uhm!!
Mi: I was just putting them to sleep so they wouldn't feel pain.
Mi: That's more mercy than the evildoers would ever give to us.

Hero: Is it? I'd say you're doing this so you can avoid killing them yourself.
Hero: Different means, same result, less guilt.

Mi: That can't be right, I'm not…I don't want to be someone like that.

Hero: I have no idea what the Astravians have done.
Hero: And I have no idea what they'll do in the future.
Hero: But if you judge them now, you'll rob them of a chance to make up for their wrongdoings.
Hero: Who knows, they could learn from you and choose a better path.

Mi: That sounds like the set up for a fairy tale. La's told a few like that.
Mi: But I guess that means making it come true would need effort instead of magic.
Mi: I'd like to dream about that.
Mi: Even so, I still believe in Darkon's goal.
Mi: But your words must mean something.
Mi: I wouldn't hear out just anyone. You're an Outsider like me.
Mi: Who knows how much you've gone through, forced to live for so long.
Mi: We should be helping each other.

Hero: Then, you won't stop me from going after Darkon?

Mi: If you truly believe in your own words, I want to know who will make Lore just.
Mi: Leading you to Darkon will give us our answers.

«Scene fades»

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