Stupid Space Butter


«Hero runs way from Cluckmoo Idol»

Hero: Valencia! Now!

«Valencia throws a grappling hook at Cluckcow Idol and it falls, releasing the "cooked" Enchanted Rod of Greased Lightning»

Valencia: I don't feel any different, still! After all that effort!
Valencia: This is why you never trust butter that has been stored inside a futuristic cargo ship that is crashed in ice!

«Valencia speeds towards Hero»

Valencia: Here, <Hero>. Take the stupid rod. I don't even want it.

«Valencia walks away»

Valencia: *mumbles* Stupid space butter…

Hero: Uh…. Valencia? I think it works.

«Valencia looks back»

Valencia: Huh?

«Hero speeds back and forwards towards Valencia»

Valencia: Let me see that!

«Hero hands it to Valencia but removes it fast»

Hero: Too slow!


Hero: Just kidding, had to make that joke…

«Valencia takes it and runs back and forwards»

Hero: Okay.. getting a little dizzy now…

«Jemini's hologram appears»

Jemini: You did it1 I could never figure out how to get that stupid ting to work…

Hero: Who are you?

«Valencia stops running to look at Jemini»

Jemini: My name is is Jemini, a time-travelling thief, and you are in my ship.
Jemini: Now if you would send me your coordinates I will happily take my treasure back, including the Rod.

Valencia: If you truly are a thief, then you know better than anyone: Finders keepers! Haha!

«Valencia runs away then Hero shrugs and walks away»

Jemini: Get back here!!!

«Scene changes to Jemini»

Jemini: Fine! You have left me with no choice but to be mean!
Jemini: Computer! Active the tracker on that ship!

***COMPUTER***: ***Activating tracker on Ship UR-2L8.***

Jemini: I will find where you are, Treasure Hunter…
Jemini: And when I do…
Jemini: That rod is mine!

«Scene fades»

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