AE Ninja
Greetings! Artix asked me to stand guard here and wait for you, Hero. Artix needs your help to free the spirit of a trapped little ghost girl, but to do that, you're going to need to find 13 cursed artifacts… But the minions of the Werepyre Lich king, Kurok Gravefang, want to find the 13th, Death's Hourglass, first! If we are going to save her, you'll have to find the first 7 here, and then journey to our other game worlds to find the rest in an all-game scavenger hunt!
Battle your way to Artix near the Lab to find out the rest of the details!

- 6th Birthday Rares raresmall.png
- Artifact Hunt



Thanks to Rich Wind, SlyCooperFan1 and .Shadow//.

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