Strange Weakness


«Scene: Battle Coliseum»

«Sampson battling Krashh»

«Sampson wins the match»

«Scene: Dwarven Champions Guild look exhausted»

Hero: You're up again, Huggy.

Huggy Cub: I… can't.

Hero: What? You’re so close to winning.

Jersey Jess: Something is weird. I have never felt so drained in my life.

Hero: Yeah, you all look cooked but I feel fine.
Hero: Something is definitely fishy.

Sampson: Where are Blixx and Meatball?

Huggy Cub: They never came back after their matches.

Sampson: Look like it's up to you, <Hero>.

Hero: I'll do what I can. You guys rest up.

«Scene fades»

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