Quest Location: Sloth
Quests Begun From: Lim

First things first: grab a hazmat suit and headgear from the box next to me. The town's under quarantine, so you won't be able to go in without one.

Items Required:

  • Hazmat Suit x1
    • Click on the Hazmat Suit on screen 1
  • Hazmat Helmet x1
    • Click on the Hazmat Helmet on screen 1


  • 0 Gold
  • 0 Exp


Thanks to Exreal.

Quest Location: Sloth
Quests Begun From: Galanoth

Requirements: Must have completed the 'Clean the Castellum' quest.

This dragon is deadly, but he's too lethargic to fight us both off! It shouldn't take us long to wear him out - then you'll be able to spray him down with Lim's cure.

Items Required:

  • Phlegnn Defeated x1


  • 300 Gold
  • 300 Exp

Thanks to ShatteredReality.

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