Queen of Monsters (Old)

This version of the Queen of Monsters saga has been discontinued, but can serve as some backstory to the current one. Please refer to the new one in The Story.

Queen of Monsters

Frozen Tower
Karok the Fallen and the FrostSpawn Horde have begun to overrun the Frozen Tower and Ruins. Accept Syrrus’ quest to seek out the Scythe of Vengeance, the key that will lock the Portal Gate and prevent the FrostSpawn Horde from invading.

Embersea Isle
Embersea Isle is under attack from Tyndarius and the Firestorm Onslaught. Kyron and the rest of Embersea's citizens need your help to stop him.

Brightoak Grove
The Celestial Horn of Balance has been stolen and the World Tree is under attack by Nevana and the Queen of Monster's forces. Ravinos Brightglade, Aven Greywhorl, and the rest of Brightoak Grove's people need your help to stop her.

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