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Note: This cutscene is voiced.

«Scene: black screen»

In a land far from here but home to many, two families warred with each other. For generations, the hate between their houses raged, disrupting the land and angering the Prince.

Romeo, a son of the first house, did not know true love… until he secretly attended a masquerade in honor of Juliet, the daughter of his family's rival. When hand in hand, the two lovers touched, each knew that they were lost to love, having found each other. And lost to their families - their love would be forbidden!

A Wise Man, though shocked at the relationship, believes in the power of true love, and agrees to marry Romeo and Juliet, hoping that it will end the generations-long feud between the families.

Juliet's cousin - angry at Romeo for an earlier slight against his family - challenges him to a duel. Romeo's cousin, Mercutio, defends him and is slain. As he dies, Mercutio curses Romeo and Juliet with his dying breath. Enraged at his cousin's death, Romeo takes up his own blade and slays Juliet's cousin.

He is forced to flee the land. Juliet, though distraught by her cousin's death, realizes that her life and love are with her husband. She hurries to the Wise Man who married her, and he gives her a vial of poison which will make her appear to be dead. After she is laid to rest, he and Romeo will retrieve her, and she will be free to live the rest of her life in exile, but with the man she loves.

The Wise Man's message telling Romeo of the plan never reaches him, and Romeo agonizes over the news that his love has died. He wishes to join her in death, and buys his own vial of poison from a PoisonMaker. He enters Juliet's tomb, sees her lying there, and drinks from the vial, then dies by her side.

Immediately after, the Wise Man enters and realizes that Romeo has killed himself. As he understands this, Juliet wakes. The Wise Man begs her to leave with him before they are discovered by the guards, but she refuses, and he leaves alone. Juliet sees her beloved lying there, cold, and cannot bear the thought of life without him.

She kisses his poisoned lips, but when that has no effect, she places Romeo's dagger against her heart and joins him in the Underworld. No longer kept away from each other while alive, because of Mercutio's curse, they will be forced to spend eternity apart.

«Scene fades»

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