Storm Breaking


«Scene: Valsarian and Galanoth»

Valsarian: It's pointless to fight me.

«Valsarian attacks Galanoth, who dodges the blast»

Valsarian: Not even the leader of the Order of Dragonslayers could hope to defeat a dragon as powerful as me!

Hero: Maybe that's true.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Villagers in a raining Darkmoor Village»

Hero: But while we've been up here fighting you, it's been raining down below.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Villagers funneling rain water into the cellar»

Hero: And the villagers have been funneling all the rain water into the storage cellar.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: the top of the mountain with Valsarian, the Hero, and Galanoth»

Valsarian: And why would I care what the villagers have been doing?

Hero: Because while we've been keeping you busy, they've fought their way up the mountain, through your army of Drakel.
Hero: And now…

«Scene: Villagers standing behind the Hero and Galanoth»

Hero: They're ready to take you down.

«Scene: Close up of Valsarian»

Valsarian: How could the likes of you possibly have defeated MY elite Drakel?

«Scene zooms out»

Hero: The same way they're going to defeat YOU.

Valsarian: Fools! I will destroy you!

«Valsarian attacks the Hero, but the villagers spray water at him»

«Valsarian is electrocuted by his own lightning»

«Scene: Galanoth stands over a defeated Valsarian lying on the ground»

Valsarian: Defeated by… humans?
Valsarian: How is it possible?

Galanoth: You were defeated by your own arrogance.
Galanoth: You refused to believe we could ever be a threat to you…
Galanoth: …and that allowed us to become one.

«Scene fades»

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