Storeroom (2)


«Scene: Warehouse with Hero, Ethan and Zeke»

Ethan: So much for your plot to destroy all humans.

Zeke: All humans? That's way too much work. I'd have considered it a triumph if I'd managed to maim more than fifty percent of your soft shell.
Zeke: Sooo, yeeeah. Sorry about the attempted murder. And stuff.

Ethan: No worries, I still have all my limbs. And in the future I'll try to remember to take it easier on the gaming hardware during the Winter-een-mas festivities.

Hero: So where's the crown?

Zeke: Ohhh…Well, I kind of… Melted it down to make a gold-played rear hatch.


Hero: Easy, Ethan. Can't we just get another one?
Hero: The Ctrl+Alt+Del Shop HAS to sell one, right?

Ethan: No, we don't.

Zeke: Really? You'd think we would.

Ethan: Yea, you really…
Ethan: There is only one course of action. You must journey to ARCADION…
Ethan: … Birthplace of all great video game ideas and home of the Gaming Gods.
Ethan: There you must humbly request a new crown in the name of Winter-een-mas!

Hero: Sounds good. How do I get there.


«Ethan holds up glowing staff»

Hero: noNOWAIT!

«Ethan bashes Hero over the head with staff»

«Scene: Gate of Arcadion»

Hero: Brain cells don't grow back, do they…

RPG: Welcome, mortal. We are the GENRES. I am Role-Playing Game. Why do you intrude here?

Hero: Oh, hi. *ahem*
Hero: Great… uh… Genres, The King of Winter-een-mas has lost his crown and sent me to get another for him.

RPG: Very well, but you must EARN a new crown.

Hero: Ooooooooof course I must.

RPG: Complete our tasks and we will deliver it unto you.

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