Storeroom (1)


«Scene: Lilah in warehouse»

Ethan: We need to handle this very carefully… she casts a powerful "Sleep on the couch" spell that I am particularly vulnerable to…

Hero: Listen, I don't think I'm comfortable beating a crown out of your wife.

Ethan: Then we go with Plan B.

Hero: That was seriously Plan A?!

«Ethan dashes towards Lilah»

Lilah: I know that look. That's your "I think I'm being sneaky" look.

Ethan: Heeeeeey, hun.

Lilah: I also know how you get around this time of year. What is it this time? Your throne?

Hero: You have a THRONE too?

Lilah: Whoever you are, get off the merch. NOW.

«Hero falls off merch»

Ethan: My Winter-een-mas Queen. You're the perfect double agent.
Ethan: Beautiful. Deadly. Possessor of womanly charms. The ideal candidate to steal my crown without raising suspicion! And trying to trick me into thinking it was at the cleaner… deviously genius!

Lilah: My sweet, simple husband. I was the one that told you there is NO SUCH THING as a crown cleaner.

Hero: If you don't have it, then where is the Winter-een-mas crown?

Lilah: Zeke said that he could take care of it. I gave it to him.

Hero: Who is Zeke?

Ethan: He's my X-Bot. I built him out of one of my game consoles.

Hero: So now we have to track down your pet robot?

«Zoom up to Zeke»

Zeke: Pet?! Silly fleshling. I am the superior life form! MUAHAHAHAHAAAAA!

Ethan: Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

Zeke: You know it, hambag. I'm SICK of Winter-een-mas. You stay up ALL WEEK and leave me on overnight, EVERY NIGHT.

Ethan: It's not MY fault you red-ringed! Don't take your sub-standard construction out on gamers all your the globe!
Ethan: Hand over the crown now, and I won't have to get my friend here to hurt you!

Hero: Oh, we're friends now.
Hero: What a treat.

Zeke: Forget it! You'll never get the crown back. Winter-een-mas is CANCELED this year! HAHAHAHAAAAA!

Ethan: ATTACK!!!

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