Stop Gloating! Do Something!


«Scene: Face-off between Drakath and Laguna»

Drakath: The Amulet, Laguna. Give it to me!

Laguna: Ha, ha, ha! Don't underestimate me, Drakath.

«Scene: Laguna starts powering up»

Laguna: I still have more power than you can imagine!

«Scene: Close up on Laguna inside tentacles»

Laguna: More power than… than…

«Scene: Close up on Drakath and the Hero»

Hero: Uh. That looks kinda uncomfortable, actually.

«Scene: Laguna covered in tentacles»

Laguna: It is! I- I can't control this!

Drakath: What did you expect? Not just ANYONE can wield the Chaos Amulet.
Drakath: You and Malgor were fools to expect anything else.

Laguna: I didn't know! I never thought-

«Scene: Close up on Hero, and Drakath smirking»

Drakath: That such a dangerous weapon could pose a threat to you, too?
Drakath: No. Of course not. All you cared about was the power it could offer. And now look at yourself!

«Scene: Drakath standing next to Laguna who is stuck inside tentacles»

Laguna: Stop gloating and DO something! Or we're all going down!

«Scene fades»

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