Stop Artix!


«LightGuard Keep»

Hero: Artix!

Artix: Oh! Hiya. Nice Weapon.
Artix: I can sense SOOOOOO MANY UNDEAD! MILLIONS! They are just on the other side of LightGuard Keep too!
Artix: Ready to go battle them together? THIS IS GOING TO BE SOOO MUCH FUN!

Hero: I am sorry. You may not pass into DoomWood.

Artix: Whaaa?
Artix: But… but… there… there are undead over there!

Hero: Listen, this is for your own good. You need to go back to BattleOn.

Artix: Ooooooh.
Artix: I get it… You do not want me to slay ALL of them, right? No problem!
Artix: You take all the undead monsters to the right, and I will take the ones to the left.
Artix: We can race to the big undead boss… whoever gets there first gets to battle him! Just like old times!

Hero: NO!
Hero: I've already faced the leader of this evil undead army.

Artix: You did not wait for me!!!! How could you!?

Hero: Artix… listen!
Hero: The leader is a DeathKnight named Vordred. He is a Paladin slayer.

Artix: Awwwwwwwwwsssssssooommmmmmmeeeeee! I want to FIGHT HIM!

Hero: ARTIX! You're not listening. Vordred has already turned all of the other High Paladins undead.

Artix: All of them? … my missing High Paladin brothers and sisters have been turned… undead!?

Hero: I am sorry. You are the last High Paladin left.
Hero: I gave my word to King Alteon and Vayle… well, sort of… that I'd keep you out of DoomWood.
Hero: Go back to BattleOn. I'll handle things here…

Artix: You know that I cannot do that.
Artix: If Vordred is responsible for all of this… then it is my duty to defeat him.

Hero: This is your last warning Paladin… go back to BattleOn… or else!

Artix: We both know you are not going to strike me with your weapon… now I am going to walk through and face Vordred.

Hero: Don't make me do this Artix…!

Artix: Stand aside friend. I have a Paladin Slayer to… Slay!

Hero: I'm sorry I have to do this…

Artix: ???

Hero: Your shoe is untied.



Artix: I'm not going to fall for that.



Hero: … I'm so sorry.

«Artix shaking»

Artix:Darn it!

«Some time later…»

«Inside LighGuard»

Vayle: Goodie two-shoes Paladins are so gullible.

Hero: I'm really sorry Atix. Hang in there… I'll handle this.

Artix: This is so unfair! There are literally millions of undead out there.
Artix: That I could be fighting… right now!
Artix: You know, this is like being at an all-you-can-eat buffet, but no one will give you a fork.

Vayle: Awww. Poor Paladin. It pains me so much to see your Battle Axe collecting dust… with SO MANY undead just outside.

Artix: HEY!

Hero: Vayle, I need to find a way to beat Vordred. Any ideas?

Vayle: Hero, you should seek out the evil moglin, Zorbak. His "secret hideout" is in the swamp past the mall.

Hero: There is a mall in DoomWood?

Artix: Oh yeah. A Chopping Maul. Everyone knows that Undead love the mall.

Hero: You think Zorbak will know something about Vordred?

Vayle: Probably. That little blue ball of ebil seems to know everything that happens in this forest.

Hero: Alright then! I will find Zorback's Secret Hideout and ask him how to defeat Vordred!

Artix: Good luck… and slay some undead for me! LOTS OF THEM!

Vayle: You have some serious issues Paladin.

«Fade to black»

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