«Scene: Hero stands in front of a portal»

Shadow Knight Gar: STOP!

«Scene: Shadow Knight Gar confronts the Hero»

Hero: Oh… uh, hi there.

Shadow Knight Gar: Lord Malgor suspected you'd find a way to get into the timestream.
Shadow Knight Gar: He's going to be so grateful that I got here in time to stop you.
Shadow Knight Gar: Maybe I'll even get that promotion I've been angling for!

Hero: Are you for real? You really think you're going to beat me all by yourself?

Shadow Knight Gar: Ha! Just as arrogant as he said you were.
Shadow Knight Gar: Don't overestimate yourself. I've fought by his side for years.
Shadow Knight Gar: I'm not just some newbie you can smash without breaking a sweat!

Hero: (sigh) Yeah, I know you're not, but-
Hero: Ugh, I don't have time for this.
Hero: Alright, you want to fight me? Let's go.

«Scene fades»

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