Stone Paladin

Guardian of the Temple of Doomwood
Well met, hero. Hast thou come to learn how to defeat the Paladin Slayer, Vordred? The ruins of this temple holds the secrets you seek. Head down into the Crypt to discover the secrets of Doomwood.

I have been guarding this temple with vigilance since the days when Lady Celestia illuminated us with her teachings of good and truth. The fates have seen fit to ever allow me to remain here at my post?

What did this to you?
Beware of the Skeletal Geomancers my friend. They cast magic that can turn even the most seasoned warrior into stone.

Lady Celestia?
She was the most kind and pure healer in all of Lore. Her belief in the good of mankind never faltered. She was the head of this temple until it fell to the undead. (Note: Lady Celestia can also be found in the game DragonFable where she is in SunBreeze Grove.)

What is this place?
This was once the Temple of Light. Before the undead came to Doomwood, It was home to many Paladins, Healers and young orphans who had no other place to go.

We trained orphans who showed potential to become Paladins, knights with healing powers who would protect the world from evil.

Lady Celestia had a keen eye for those with the gift.. She was always right. Did you know she was the one who found Artix?

It was many years ago that she brought a young boy named Artix to the Temple's orphanage. She requested that we train him in the arts of the Paladin. But not matter how hard he tried the poor boy could not use healing or light-based magic.

The elders believe that a very powerful spell was cast on Artix as a young child that locked his ability. If Lady Celestia knew more about this, she sure never told the rest of us!

Back then, no one beleived it was possible for Artix to ever become a Paladin. I do feel bad for the way the Paladin Trainers and the other young ones treated him.

He never gave up though! A lot of heart in that little bad. You could see the determination and mercy in his eyes.

Perhaps he lost his parents in the first undead invasion. It is hard to be sure. As his friend you may find this hard to believe, but back then he talked very little and almost never smiled.

We tried to have him removed several time, but… well, there was no arguing with Lady Celestia. She saw something in him. Hah! The way she talked about him you would have thought he was the Champion of Light. Well, he might just be for all I know.

It was not too long after he came to us, Noxus sent forth an undead army to assault this Temple. It was a suprise attack. Nearly all of our Paladins were in Swordhaven… we were completely caught off guard.

I was there. My first priority was to get to the orphanage and get the children to safety. That is when I saw it….

The young boy, Artix, stood between the orphanage and the undead… alone… holding them off with a dull axe meant for chopping wood.

At his feet was a pile of defeated skeleton bones so big that he had to stand on it. It was a sight to behold. Artix knocked down the skeleton that tried to get past him.

Every once in a while he would stare in the direction of a defeated skeletal minion as if he heard a voice floating upwards. Then Artix would nod or whisper something that I could not make out. It was only recently that I figured out what he was saying.

You get a lot of time to think as a statue you know…. Artix was saying the words, 'You are welcome."

Well, enough about that. What you want to know is what is UNDER the ruins of this temple, right?

There used to be two Red Dragons who were writing a book containing many secrets of our world. However, Noxus and his pink-wearing Necromantress friend went down there a few weeks ago. I did not like the way they were laughing evilly when they left.

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Location: Temple of the Light

Thanks to Kleige and Na Tra.

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