Stone Cold


«Scene: Varga in the timestream»

Varga: In order to defeat the Shadowlord, you will need to gather some allies.
Varga: A group of potential heroes who could make or break the outcome of this war… depending on which side they end up on.
Varga: You have already reawakened a small part of your power again, but you will need to hone it further before you will be able to reach all of the people we need.

«Scene: Hero and Varga in front of some portals»

Varga: Some of them are quite far from us in time, or in space, or both.
Varga: But for now, we'll start close to home.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: a beach shore»

Varga: Teja, the Pirate Queen of the southern seas. Known for being fearless, and loyal to her crew.
Varga: She put out her own eye, and had it alchemically transformed into an enchanted gemstone orb…

«Scene fades»

«Scene: large, humanoid stones on the beach»

Varga: …that turns people to stone.

«Hero walks up to one of the stones and hits it»

Hero: Eesh. I wouldn't want to get on HER bad side.

«Scene: Teja»

Teja: Stop right where ya are!

Hero: Whoa, hey! It's ok!
Hero: We're here to help!

Teja: I know who ye be…

«One of Malgor's minions stands next to Teja»

Teja: …and I don't need ya help!

Hero: A ShadowFlame Pirate?!
Hero: Teja, you're making a huge mistake. Malgor is NOT someone you can trust!

First Mate Bloodbone: The Shadowlord warned us of the lies you'd speak.
First Mate Bloodbone: He be the ONLY one we can trust.

Teja: I was forced to take down me own crew when the Queen o' Monsters turned them against me.
Teja: But the Shadowlord struck her down and gave me a new one.

Hero: What? No - he's lying to you.
Hero: He's NOT the one who killed the Queen of Monsters! I am!

Teja: Oh, is that right? Last I heard, you and ya entire army o' friends were still strugglin' t' deal with her children.
Teja: So how is it you managed to get into her castle and take out the Queen herself?

Hero: I, uh. I don't know. Apparently I haven't actually done it yet.

Teja: Yeah, that's what I thought.

Hero: No, really! See, I have these time powers that I can't fully access, and-

Teja: Enough! Ya have nothin' to offer me but lies!
Teja: But the Shadowlord has empowered me. And all he wants in return…

«Teja uses the gem on her eyepatch to turn the Hero into stone»

Teja: …is you.
Teja: Now don't ya be goin' anywhere! Ha, ha!
Teja: The Shadowlord will be comin' here soon to collect his bounty.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: the petrified Hero, alone»

Varga: Teja's spell may be permanent for most people, but they're not as strong as you.
Varga: You can break free of it… but it will take a great deal of effort.

Break Free
Click the button fast to break free!

Varga: Focus on breaking yourself out of the stone.

«Hero glows and breaks free of the stone»

«Scene fades»

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