Still Alive


«Scene: Sepulchure reaches Lynaria's cell»

Valen: Lynaria!

«Sepulchure moves to Lynaria's side»

Valen: She's still alive. It's not too late.
Valen: It's okay, my love. I'm getting you out of here.

«Dethrix steps into the cell»

Dethrix: She's not going anywhere.

Valen: You may have defeated me last time, Dethrix.
Valen: But now, I have the power of the Doomknight armor. I have the Doomblade.
Valen: You won't win.

Dethrix: Valen?? How are you alive? I thought I killed you!

Valen: You did.

«Scene: Close up of Sepulchure»

Valen: It didn't take.

«Scene: Dethrix»

Dethrix: Feh. It doesn't matter.
Dethrix: This time, I'll give you a death you can't come back from.

«Scene fades»

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