Steed of Night


«Somewhere where the snow covers the land»

December 31, the day before the new year…

«Nightmare Frostmane is seen flying in the sky»

… 8:00 AM

«Scene changes to Bryn waking Bjorn»

Bryn: Come on, sweetheart. Time to wake up!

Bjorn: Go 'way. 'S still dark out!

«Bryn at the table served»

Olaf: Ma, what's the matter with the morning? Is it broken?

«Scene changes to a Shepherd with his sleeping dog and sheep»

Shepherd: Fine, fine! I'm going back to bed, too!

«Scene Bryn, Olaf, Bjorn and Ulfgar looking at the sky»

Olaf: Why is it still so dark? Where is the sunrise?

Ulfgar: Embermane the Steed of Day, should have ridden into the sky hours ago…
Ulfgar: …bringing the sun and the darlight with her.
Ulfgar: But her brother Frostmane, the Steed of Night…
Ulfgar: He should be long gone, but he hasn't left. Hasn't made room in the sky for Embermane.

«Scene chanegs to Embermane is chains»

Ulfgar: I do not know where she could be!
Ulfgar: We must summon Frostmane to discover what is wrong… or we may never see the sun rise again!

«Scene fades»

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