Steed of Morning



«Hero defeats Nightmare Frostmane, waking Frostmane»

Frostmane: Oh!
Frostmane: …How long have I been asleep?

«Embermane is liberated»

Hero: Embermane! Are you alright?

Embermane: I… I think so. I am feeling stronger now.
Embermane: But where is my brother? I must find him!
Embermane: While I was held here… the entire time, I could feel his fear.

Memet: Now that you've killed his nightmare, he should be waking up. Speaking of which…
Memet: You two should join him. It's time for my dinner, and, well…

«Hero and Embermane leave the Nightmare Realm»

Memet: You probably don't want to be here for that.

«Scene changes to Ulfgar and others, when Hero teleports in»

Ulfgar: <Hero>! Ye've been gone all night! We were worried about ye!

Olaf: What happened?

Hero: Frostmane was lost in his own nightmare…
Hero: And anyone who tried to free him from it became trapped too.

Olaf: What about Embermane? Did ye find the morning?

«The morning arrives»

Ulfgar: Yeah… yeah he did!

«The 2013 year ball gets to the bottom»

Happy New Year!

«Scene fades»

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