Stealthy Cupcake

Guardian Hero
Cheers and salut! Want a donut? How about a pizza? No? Really? Ok, then a battle it is!

I'm not going to tell you who I am, Hero. Instead, I'll let you read my biography, written by the greatest authoer Lore has ever known: "Stealthy Cupcake: Or, How To Succeed at Everything"
One day, a Hero was born. He possessed talent unlike anything ever known. He could do origami, karate, judo, sword-fighting, boxing, creative writing, and craft small wooden tables in under 2 hours.

His true power was a power most people lack: love. The love he had for humanity was unparalleled. He would save small flies from spider webs, but also feed the spiders some sandwiches for lunch. Compassion is hard to come by in this day and age, but he had exceeding amounts of it. So much, in fact, that many people did ineed call him "Doctor Compassion Fashion."

Many were jealous of his powers, but he took no notice of it. By age 18, he had written 7 fantasy novels, 2 cookbooks, and opened up 45 difference charities acress Lore. He could collectively speak to ever animal, and would often stay up all night to keep golden retrievers company. (As most people know, all golden retrievers suffer from insomnia.) By 2016 he plans to cure chronic golden retriever insomnia.

In awe of his power, Artix stepped down as President of Battleon and instead, appointed him. Stealthy Cupcake became President. His policies - fair. His ideas - admirable. After just 15 minutes in change as President, he had improved the local economy by 18%, creating 65 jobs and curing humans of old age disease. Some people like to call him the greatest human of our time." So… that's me. let's get it ON!

Location: Hero Lobby


Thanks to Counterswitch.

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