Star-Crossed Lovers


«Scene: Hero, Ai No Miko, and Akiba NPCs stand around in Akiba»

Princess Miko: It is our wish to celebrate here, on the seventh night of the seventh month, the Star Festival.
Princess Miko: We send on the hope of peace, happiness, and prosperity, that our families and homes will stay strong. The hope that our hearts will know love.
Princess Miko: Hope that our wishes and prayers will rise into the air on clouds of smoke, to scent the heavens with our dreams.
Princess Miko: Hope that the Weaver Princess will be reunited with the Cowherd Prince, and that they will shed no tears, but know only joy.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Yokai River with a starry night»

« A star in the sky glows brighter and comes down. It's the Weaving Princess. The Hero and Ai No Miko kneel in front of her.»

Weaving Princess: My heart sings with your gracious words.
Weaving Princess: Please, my friends, rise. It is I who should prostrate myself before you.
Weaving Princess: What you have done here, the wishes, the words, the lights… it is a sight that makes my spirit sing.

Hero: The Princess Ai No Miko has gone to great lengths to make this year's festival grander than any before.
Hero: She vowed that this year, you would shed no tears. That there would be no clouds to mar your passage to the Prince.
Hero: Your happiness is the fulfillment of her wish - the sign that her people and land would share the same joy in the year to come.

Weaving Princess: Truly, there is no better daughter of Yokai. But I fear I must ask for even more help.
Weaving Princess: My father is displeased with our efforts - mine and the Prince's - and prepares the rains even as we speak.
Weaving Princess: I fear there will be no reunion this evening. He says we have not worked hard enough this year.

Princess Miko: No! My people are determined, and so are we. What can we do to help?

«Scene: the Weaving Princess stands on a stone in the Yokai River»

Weaving Princess: Help us finish our tasks -- gathering the spirit herds, and weaving cloth for the gods of sea and sky -- and he may change his mind.

Hero: As you wish!

«Scene fades»

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