Stand Down (2)


«Scene: Hero, Mirror Drakath and Good Xing in the Brightshadow Fortress»

Mirror Drakath: Gravelyn? Are you here?

Good Xing: Oh, Graaaaavy!

Hero: It's empty… I hope she's ok.

Gravelyn the Good: I've never been better..

«Scene: Gravelyn the Good, Mirror Drakath, Hero and Good Xing in the throne room of Brightshadow»

Mirror Drakath: Gravelyn!
Hero: Gravelyn!

Mirror Drakath: No! He's already gotten to her! We're too late…

Gravelyn the Good: No one has "gotten to me". This was my choice.

Mirror Drakath: No. The Gravelyn I know would never!

Gravelyn the Good: She would. And you would too… if you understood the truth.
Gravelyn the Good: We don't have to fight, Drakath. Just give me what I need.

Hero: The Amulet of Order…

Gravelyn the Good: It's all he wants! It's why your city has been the one under siege.

Mirror Drakath: Under siege by YOUR men!

«Scene: Mirror Drakath preparing to attack»

Mirror Drakath: Stand DOWN, Gravelyn.

Gravelyn the Good: No.

Mirror Drakath: Then we fight.

«Scene fades»

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